Tips &Deals

Q) What’s a Sales Tip?

These are free, and help you to be better prepared daily to win customers and help them win every day through using your product or services.

Q) What’s a deal?

It’s a limited time offer that you can claim over text (see next question). We do our best to make these stand out from the Sales Tips so you know the difference.

Q) How do I claim a deal I like the look of?

Reply with a “YES” and how many you want. If you wanted 3 copies of a book, we were dealing at a ridiculously low price it would be: “YES 3”

Q) What do I do if I’m not interested in the deal of the day?

Absolutely nothing. You only have to act if you want to claim the deal.

Q) What deal am I responding to?

To remove any confusion, the current deal lasts until the next deal is sent out. There is no cross-over, and everything works on a “while stocks last” basis.

Q) How much is postage and packaging?

UK Postage on 10 items+ is free. Maximum fee of £4.50 for orders of 10 or less, and if it is going to be more than that it will be specified in the deal, or we will reach out to you before sending and charging your account.

Q) How do I earn free postage and packaging?

Refer your friends. See next question.


Q) Can I refer a friend?

It’s recommended.

Text “REFER” in response to any text message, or DM us on Instagram (@thesalesmob) with the first word “REFER” and we will organise 10% off your next order if your referral joins the community.

Q) How do I update my account information?

Bear with us – we are just starting out, soon this will be a walk in the park using our Parent Company site (instructions will be provided when that is possible).

In the meantime reply to any text message with “CHANGE INFO” or DM us on Instagram (@thesalesmob) with the first words “CHANGE INFO” and we will reach out to you to arrange this.

Q) How do stop receiving Sales Tips &Deals from Salestext?

Any time you want to stop hearing from us, just reply “STOP” to the latest message.

Q) How do stop receiving Deals from Salestext but continue getting the Sales Tips?

Sorry guys, it is kind of a package. We cannot facilitate this at the moment.